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Welcome to RE-CORE-NECT

Hi, I'm Gillian and I want to welcome you to RE-CORE-NECT, a new online series of courses, designed to take you on a journey to better pelvic health.

Why have I created RE-CORE-NECT?

As a pelvic health physiotherapist, I see clients on a daily basis who are experiencing incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic pain. Many women have taken years, even decades, to pluck up the courage and book an appointment. They are often nervous to speak to someone face-to-face about such private issues. But they're also desperate to find a solution, they want to be able to live the lives they love, achieve their dreams and goals without being held back by poor pelvic health.

Over the years in clinic, I have seen the benefits of a structured programme that deals with pelvic health issues from a whole-core perspective. From 'head to the toe', as it were. From breathing restrictions to weak abdominals and poor posture to pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, there's often more than one reason and cause for poor pelvic health.

Pelvic health is the absence of incontinence, prolapse and pelvic pain. It's the ability to use the pelvic floor and core functionally in any activity of daily life. But so many women are experiencing the symptoms of poor pelvic health. Many women experience urinary leakage with exercise, or feel unable to exercise due to the feelings of heaviness down below. Poor pelvic health, therefore, is the limitations experienced when the core and pelvic floor are not functioning well.

I work with a team of healthcare, wellness and fitness professionals who are all passionate about improving pelvic health and encouraging women to achieve healthy and active lifestyles.

What is the RE-CORE-NECT Method?

RE-CORE-NECT is a play on words, the method is all about reconnecting women with their bodies. The majority of my clients are switched off from their body, especially their pelvic floor. The reasons for this could be trauma, pain, symptoms (like leakage), a busy, fast paced and distracted life, there's loads of reasons for the disconnect!

I have developed the RE-CORE-NECT method in clinic over many years.

Step 1: The Diaphragm

I have found that releasing the diaphragm and improving breathing dynamics is the first step. If the diaphragm is restricted, the rest of the core will struggle to function well. Many of us will struggle with poor breath mechanics without even realising it. One sure sign of diaphragm dysfunction is poor pelvic health!

Step 2: The Deep Abdominals

The deepest of the abdominal muscles is transversus abdominis or TVA for short. It's often the forgotten muscle of the 'ABS', but it's the first building block in a supported abdominal wall. Start here and the other layers of obliques and six-pack muscles will be much easier to control and strengthen.

Step 3: The Pelvic Floor

So many clients question why it is that I sometimes hold off on pelvic floor muscle training in the early stages of rehabilitation. My reason is that on so many occasions, the pelvic floor has had to work under too much pressure and strain because of the dysfunction found in the diaphragm and deep abdominal muscles. Just because the problem is in the bladder doesn't always mean that this is where you have to start your rehabilitation. Steps 1 and 2 should be seen as doors women need to open before they can try and unlock their pelvic floor door (if you know what I mean?!).

Step 4: The Back & Buttocks

The backline as it's known is such an important core connection for posture and hip function. The muscles along the spine and into the buttocks support the spine and pelvis and help to maintain an upright posture when sitting, standing and moving. But sedentary lifestyles can lead to lengthened and weak backline muscles that allow poor postures like slumping, butt and chest gripping. Spending time on the back and buttocks will help to maintain the achievements from steps 1-3, leading to a longer lasting improvement and the potential to return to or begin a more active lifestyle including running, lifting and impact.



What is RE-CORE-NECT: Foundations?

RE-CORE-NECT: Foundations is the initial course in the series that provides you with the foundational and essential knowledge to take you on to the next steps in the RE-CORE-NECT method.

The foundations course will teach you about the core; what it is, where it is, how it works, how it coordinates as a team and what can go wrong. There is a series of self assessment techniques where you can identify any problems with your breathing, posture, deep abdominal activity, pelvic floor technique and buttock activity.

By the end of the course, you will know how your body should function and what dysfunction is. You will know your pelvic health profile and problem areas specific to you. You will have take home exercises for the main core muscle groups. You will feel a connection with your body that you may not have experienced before.

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