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Congratulations on the birth of your baby!

Whether you have delivered vaginally or by caesarean section, a post natal assessment is essential for every new mum! Pregnancy & childbirth will affect your posture, breathing, digestion, core & pelvic floor. It's so important to review and reconnect with these areas of your body. It's a challenge to prioritise yourself at this time, but it's important to take care of you and ensure a complete and lasting recovery to full health and well-being.

What options are available for new mums?

Post Natal

This is a 1-hour physiotherapy assessment for any new mum following the birth of your baby. The assessment involves a discussion about your pregnancy and birth, any symptoms you are experiencing or are concerned about, and basic questions about your medical history.

Your physiotherapist will also complete an examination of your posture, spinal mobility, breathing mechanics, abdominal muscles (including abdominal separation & caesarean section scar), hip and pelvic function and pelvic floor muscles with an internal vaginal assessment.

The ideal time to attend for this appointment is approximately 6 weeks after the birth of your baby. If you have concerns prior to this time, please contact us to let us know.

Caesarean Recovery Programme

This programme is designed specifically for those women who have delivered by caesarean section. The programme starts with a post natal physiotherapy assessment.

You will then be referred to our scar specialist physiotherapist, Libby Williams of Fascia & Physio. Libby will complete a full scar assessment and provide you with advice and guidance on how best to manage your c-section scar.

You will start a programme of pelvic floor and core training to improve your abdominal function and improve your scar healing potential, moving on to female specific personal training when you are ready.

If needed, you will be offered cold laser therapy treatments to further aid your scar healing.

Download the Caesarean Recovery Programme Booklet

Birth Trauma

Sometimes, childbirth does not go to plan and medical interventions are required to ensure .afe delivery of your baby.

Forceps & ventouse deliveries, episiotomies & tears (including anal sphincter tears) all increase the risk of pelvic health problems later in life.

Our team of physiotherapists offer a compassionate and supportive environment where you can access the treatment you need to make a functional recovery.

We specialise in thorough pelvic floor assessments (including the Novuqare MAPLe device) that will help to identify areas of dysfunction. 

We also work closely with psychotherapists, massage therapists and exercise professionals for a wide ranging specialist support network.

Active Mums Programme

If you are a new mum who loves being fit and active, or perhaps you are an athlete looking to return to your sport, the Active Mums Programme is the ideal option for you.

Included in the programme is a post natal assessment, access to 4 follow-up physiotherapy sessions which include a standing pelvic floor assessment, load and impact assessment and strength testing.

Our physiotherapists work closely with personal trainers and sports therapists, a Restore scar therapist, Pilates & Yoga instructors, nutritionists and psychotherapists who all can help to enrich your recovery journey.

All our birth & beyond programmes start with a post natal assessment. When you are in clinic for assessment, you can discuss your programme options with your physiotherapist.
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