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Pregnancy is a time of great change within a woman's body. Sometimes problems can occur, such as lower back and pelvic girdle pain, pelvic floor dysfunction and carpal tunnel syndrome. Physiotherapy can help to restore a good posture, relieve pain symptoms and improve confidence ready for childbirth and beyond.

Pelvic & Back Pain

Approximately 20% of women will experience back and pelvic pain in pregnancy. Causes are varied but often, improving strength and flexibility has a positive effect on reducing pain and disability.

Pelvic Floor

Leakage, increased frequency and urgency are common problems relating to pregnancy. Pelvic floor muscle training should be a standard part of a pregnancy journey to ease symptoms and to prepare for delivery.

Carpal Tunnel

A common problem affecting the wrists and hands during pregnancy. Symptoms include wrist pain and numbness in the hands, especially at night. Splints, stretching & massage can ease symptoms.

Bumps Package

The Bumps Package includes a physiotherapy assessment in each trimester of the pregnancy. This helps to keep track of posture, strength, fitness, pelvic floor and core function. Each assessment includes a discussion about how the pregnancy is going, questions & concerns and an exercise programme for the core, pelvic floor and postural muscles. Packages start from £250.

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