Pelvic Floor Diagnosis & Treatment

The MAPLe is a state of the art device used in the assessment and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction. The 24 electrodes on the vaginal probe can identify inactivity, normal activity and hyperactivity in each individual muscle of the pelvic floor. Such detailed findings are invaluable to planning & providing bespoke pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation.

MAPLe is also able to provide electro-myographic biofeedback to help you activate or release muscles that are not functioning correctly.The device recognises electrical activity within the muscles at rest and during contraction and feeds this back to an iPad screen. Your physio will guide you through the feedback and use it to help you learn how to use your muscles more functionally.

Electrical stimulation can also be applied as a treatment for individual muscles to restore a more normal activity level. If a muscle is over-active, the stimulation can be applied at a dosage that will lower the activity. If the muscle is inactive or under-active then the electrical stimulation can be provided at a dosage that will increase its activity. Over time, this can then be experienced by you and you can practice pelvic floor exercises effectively and more functionally.

Electrical stimulation can also be applied to communicate with the nerves of your pelvic region. This can help with pain management and also neuro-modulation to aid improvements in bladder and bowel function.

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Vaginal Probe

The MAPLe probe is small (the size of an average index finger) and easy to insert both vaginally & rectally. There are 24 electrodes along the probe, each able to sense electrical activity in each of the muscles.

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In Depth Assessment

Your muscles will be assessed during a 1 min rest period, 10 repetitions of individual squeezes and then 3x 30 second hold. This will inform your therapist of your specific treatment requirements.

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MAPLe Journey

As with any muscle training and rehabilitation, there is a need to work consistently and specifically on the muscles' needs. As activity normalises then treatment is adapted to fit with the new requirements and demands.

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MAPLe Packages

The MAPLe device is designed to be used regularly in clinic.  Weekly treatments are advised, especially at the beginning of your journey. At present, there is no MAPLe device for home use. Attending weekly or fortnightly will give good results. Once your muscle activity is normalising, you will be able to work more independently and then come in for reviews every 6-12 weeks.

Treatment packages are available to help you save money on a course of treatment. To find out more about our competitive MAPLe packages, click the button below.

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How MAPLe Works

MAPLe treatments involve the use of a 'single-patient-use probe that is yours to keep. Your first assessment will take between 1-1.25 hours. We will discuss your symptoms and how the MAPLe will work. You will be provided with your own MAPLe probe and taught how it will be used in each session. We will then find your pelvic floor baseline activity at rest, maximal voluntary contractions and endurance exercises. From the information provided, we can discuss and plan your specific treatment. Although you have paid for MAPLe, your physiotherapist may need to use other physiotherapy techniques as your symptoms require.

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