Exercise classes designed to guide you to better pelvic health

Pilates & Yoga Classes

at Station House Health & Wellbeing, St Nicholas, Vale of Glamorgan

Want to get started with the help of an experienced instructor? 

Even if you are completely new to Pilates or Yoga, let our experienced instructors teach you the basics and progress your practice through the levels of training. Each class is designed for those with concerns about their pelvic health and focuses on the following foundational principles:


Balance and Strength


Meet your Instructors

Eva Donia

Eva is a Pilates Instructor who has agreed to continue the Pilates classes on a Wednesday evening while Rhiannon is away on maternity leave. These classes are at 6:30pm and 7:30pm on a Wednesday evening and are suitable for those looking for beginner and intermediate level Pilates.

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Tanya Williams

Tanya is a Pilates and Yoga instructor who is now offering Pilates for Pelvic Floor Health on a Wednesday at 12:30pm and a Yoga for Menopause class on a Thursday at 10am. Both of these classes will run at Station House Health and Wellbeing.

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Rhiannon Davey

Rhiannon is a fully qualified Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor. She is the owner of Rhiset Health and runs beginner & improver classes at Station House Health & Wellbeing on Wednesday evenings.

Rhiannon is currently away on maternity leave

Rhiannon tells us a bit more about Pilates

“Pilates is a mind-body movement that builds strength and endurance from the core outward. It involves a variety of exercises that aim to lengthen and strengthen whilst connecting to the breathe. Each exercise can be modified to further progress or regress depending on the needs of the individual.

Pilates at Station House is led by Physiotherapists with specialist training in APPI clinical Pilates.  With their experience they are able to  support people rehabilitating from injury, through pregnancy and recovery post childbirth and those looking to live well through the ages."

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